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Hola amigos!

I'm Sania Heath, a Caribbean-native educator, language coach and owner of this blog. I love sharing knowledge about the journey to bilingualism which supports families who're exposing their little ones to Spanish as a second language. I've worked in the traditional and virtual classrooms since 2017. 


With a heart and goal to travel the world, Jet Set... Spanish was born. The mission is to help provide resources to families introducing Spanish at home and even help plan an actual vacation for exploration, language immersion and fun.  

When I'm not busy around the computer teaching my international students or writing on Hubpages, Self Mastery Magazine or She Owns It , I'm enjoying an island adventure or catching up my on favorite childhood shows. I'm definitely a kid-at-heart who loves:

  • cereal and milk on weekend mornings

  • tiny birds and cute pups

  • doughnuts over cupcakes

  • all adorable art and craft school supplies

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