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3 Ways To Teach Your Child Self-Love

Important lessons we teach our children should include this quote, "love yourself, it's a lifetime gift".

Self-love is an important category of social-emotional learning for young children and we'll uncover three easy ways parents and caregivers can help children develop the skill.


Did you know that self recognition starts at an early age? Research shows that this occurs between 15 months of age for some and 24 months for most infants. Noticeable is the love affair babies have for their reflection during this phase especially when they look into a mirror and see their reflection.

By the age of 2, children are developing a deep level of self awareness thanks to an advance set of cognitive skills. With self recognition there are also emotions involved and here comes the important task of teaching self love as it will a positive impact on their emotional, mental, social and physical well-being throughout their lives.

Now let's explore the ways you can help your child(ren) develop self love:

  1. Encourage Self-Care: Simple, non-radical self care habits include going to bed ontime or getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods - colorful fruits and vegetables, exercising (a light walk or jog around the neighborhood, at park or beach, yoga for kids,etc) and of course encouraging them to enjoy activities they like.

Easy vocab to teach in bilingual self care:

Fruit names / Frutas - banana, pina, uvas, manzana

Verbs - "Vamos" - Let's Go, "Caminamos" - We are walking

Verbs phrases - you can expand by adding places. Example, "Vamos a la playa" / Let's go to the beach

2. Practice Gratitude: Regularly expressing thanks for the people and things we have or receive in life helps to foster a positive outlook and reduce stress. This is not only true for us adults, it also includes children. Gratitude may seem simple and effortless but it has major effects. Encouraging the habit at an early age and being a true example of it as a parent is a highly recommended path to travel.

Ideas on cultivating gratitude in children:

Saying please and thank you

Volunteering / community outreach - Good Deeds Days is April 16th

Expressing thanks at the dinner table

Expressing thanks for the people who make differences in our lives

Giving compliments to others